Kristine Tawater LM, CPM


Owner & Midwife

I am a wife & mother of 5, all naturally born  - 3 of them at home into the hands of midwives.  I consider it a privilege to be a Licensed Midwife in the State of Texas & primary midwife at Urban Midwifery.

I started out my journey as a DONA certified birth doula in 2003 until I began midwifery training in 2009.  I received my academic education through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program (ATM-MTP). I was in an active apprenticeship with 4 different midwives & one Dallas birth center where the art of midwifery care was passed to me by some of the best midwives around! 

I graduated from ATM-MTP in September of 2011 and received my license in early 2012. I am a Texas Licensed Midwife (LM) and I hold a national credential Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) through the North American Registry of Midwives. I am also an active member of the North Texas Midwives organization.

Philosophy of care

I believe that, in general & for most women, pregnancy is a normal, healthy, low risk process and I treat all pregnancies in our care in this manner. I believe in prevention of complications and preparation for birth through nutrition, exercise, complementary holistic practitioners, the use of herbs and vitamins & education.

I believe in shared decision making with my clients and that Informed Consent is an ongoing process between midwife and client. I believe that the collaborative process between client and midwife that incorporates client preferences and values into the plan of care with a viewpoint that if there is not strong clinical evidence to point to one direction  in clinical decision making ,the value and preferences of the client take preference in care. I believe it is the responsibility of the provider to discover what those values and preferences are and incorporate them into the plan of care & that it is the responsibility of the client to seek knowledge through research and conversation in order to make the best decisions for herself and her baby.

 I also believe that there are times when higher level intervention is necessary due to unforeseen or evolving medical conditions and I will, in collaboration and informed disclosure with the client, seek that intervention when necessary to ensure the health and well being of the MotherBaby diad.

I will work within the scope of practice as set forth by the Texas Midwifery Board to bring you the highest standard of care in a safe and respectful manner. I will explain limitations of midwifery care as situations evolve and lay out options that are available within my scope of practice and explain options in a timely and thorough manner when outside or higher level care is needed.

I value above all else the health of the MotherBaby and the relationship of trust that I work diligently to build with my clients.

You can contact me directly at 214-914-5015


I offer both homebirth and birth center deliveries. Appointments are held as the co-op offices. I will attend first time moms, experienced moms, those seeking VBAC, VBA2C, breech and twin deliveries.

Care is on a schedule of Monthly visits from intake to 28 weeks, bi weekly from weeks 28-36, and weekly visits from 36 weeks to delivery.

At 36-37 weeks your prenatal/birth prep visit will be held in your choice of birth place, home or birth center. We will go over your preferences for birth, I will deliver a homebirth supply kit for homebirths and we will discuss postpartum recovery.

Labs are drawn in office for your convenience.

Postpartum visits are held in your home on day 2-3 postpartum then in the co-op office for 2,4 & 6 week visits. Should you need to be seen in between visits, those will be scheduled accordingly.

We encourage newborn hearing screens be scheduled with Radiance Pediatrics, also in the co-op offices on the 3rd Friday of every month.

Feel free to schedule a face to face interview so we can discuss your desires and needs as well as finances and details about midwifery care!

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