Research and study are the hallmark of well educated parents. The following links are good starting points on decisions you will be faced with throughout your pregnancy,birth and parenting days. I always like to include resources from the midwifery model of care & natural approach to the mainstream standard of care so that you can decide where your beliefs fall on these topics.

For a myriad of birth related topics that are well researched and explained for the lay person in mind :

Evidenced Based Birth

Gestational Diabetes

Gentle Birth- Article by Henci Goer
American Diabetes Association
National Institute of Health
The Brewer Pregnancy Diet
American Pregnancy Association

Group B Strep

American Pregnancy
Centers for Disease Control
Evidenced Based Birth

Rhogam injection for Blood Type Negative Mothers
National Institute of Health
American Pregnancy Association

VBAC _ Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Childbirth Connection

VBAC Facts

Vitamin K-For the Newborn

Prevention of Hemorrhagic Disease of the Newborn
Evidenced Based Birth

Erythromycin Eye Ointment-For the Newborn

Evidenced Based Birth
National Institute of Health


Lifetime Family Wellness has a very comprehensive resource list
Dr. Sears


No Harmm has an excellent page on the anatomy and function of the foreskin (there are graphic animations here)
Doctors Opposing Circumcision

For those choosing circumcision I highly recommend Christina Buchanan, CNM