Nutrition: The most important thing you do.

I have listed some of my favorite resources for building a healthy pregnancy through optimal nutrition. I don't expect you to convert to veganism or vegetarianism, but rather use these resources to build a solid foundation for your nutrition.

Eating In!

Simple, easy to prepare ideas for home cooking.

The Simple Veganista 

Vegetarian Protein Sources

Cookie & Kate Blog

Oh My Veggies Blog

Gluten free Goddess Blog

Against All Grain


Eating Out!

Restaurants that are committed to healthy, local, organic or GMO/ Gluten free eating. 

Spiral Diner - Spiral boasts an amazing bakery as well!

Start Restaurant - Equipt with a Drive Thru!

Dream Cafe

Buzzbrews- I must of my FAVES!


An awesome compilation of 10 area healthy eating restaurants.


here to get it: Local, Fresh & Co-op

Green Grocers

Natural Grocers

Rockin' Our Community Co-op

Hidden Oaks Country Market


Prenatal Vitamins from Optimal Health

Fish oil from Optimal Health



Dr. Stephanie Berry, DC at MotherMe Chiropractic - Dallas Birth Center

Dr. Courtney Gowin, DC  at Free to be Chiropractic - Addison

Dr. Lexi Maleski at Our Birthing Home - Oak Cliff

Dr. Denisa Weber, DC at Serving Life Chiropractic - Snider Plaza

Dr. Michelle Darden-Jefferson  Abundant Life Chiropractic - Desoto 

Dr. Jenna Zellers, DC at Ideal Balance Chiropractic - Rockwall

Cafe of Life at Cafe of Life Dallas- Swiss Ave. Dallas


Complementary Providers: Community

It's not just about midwifery care, but about finding a community of providers that will see you through pregnancy,birth and beyond. 


We strive to provide the best resources in doula care. It is our policy to only recommend doulas with whom we have worked with personally. 

Dallas Birth Doulas

Soulfully Rooted Birth

Great Expectations Doulas

North Dallas Doula Associates


Childbirth Education

BIRTHFIT Prenatal Series
In this 4 week series you and your birth partner will become educated & prepared for the birth of your little one(s). This is not your typical childbirth class,  you will encounter the four pillars of BIRTHFIT, which are fitness, nutrition, chiropractic & mindset.  You will discover your birth desires and learn about what to expect during the first 12 weeks postpartum. In addition to learning all there is to know about labor and postpartum, you will also experience functional mobility, movement for labor, breath work,  mindfulness practice, and movement for healing after birth.  Click here to register.

Dallas Birth Doulas Present: The Facts of Birth: Your Evidenced Based-Guide to Childbirth: One Day Class

A one-day childbirth class taught using Lamaze International’s Six Health Birth Practices taught by a Lamaze Certified Childbirth instructor. The course will cover anatomy and physiology, the stages and phases of labor, comfort measures, pain medication options and other interventions, and postpartum care of mother and baby. The focus is on evidence-based care and provides practical tips for couples to manage either medicated or un-medicated childbirth. Refresher classes available. 

Register Here!

Great Expectations Doulas Present: Preparing for Out of Hospital Birth : 4 part series

This 4 class series is uniquely designed for the family birthing out of hospital. Your class includes a downloadable breastfeeding course as well as relaxation scripts and affirmations. Register Here!


Lactation Support

 Bishop Babies


Motherhood support

Kelly Mom - Get all your breastfeeding questions answered here!

Coffee & Cuties!!

"Coffee & Cuties" is a monthly Café event hosted by doulas/ midwives at Dallas Birth Center. 
Connecting Moms with babies to our village of support - or the opportunity to create your own Village of Support to go do mom&baby-stuff together. 
Enjoy a nice cup coffee or tea with snacks while telling us your birth story. If you had a doula supporting you at your birth, bring her too - she's a part of your story. We can't wait to hear it! To see you (again) and meet your precious baby. 
This is your chance to get all your postpartum questions out: Breastfeeding, pumping, workout - you name it!
We are all ears and hearts. 
Please send an email telling us you would like to join and include your cell# to:


Postpartum Recovery

Mama Driven Wellness at DBC is conducted by Erin Clark whose passion for postpartum recovery is phenomenal! 

B!RTH F!T! Dallas Postpartum Series

Your body has done an incredible job of growing a life for 9 months. You’ve given birth, taken time to rest and bond with your little one, and now you’re thinking about getting back into working out. Before you head out for that run, or start heavy lifting in CrossFit again come hang out with BIRTHFIT for an 8 class, 4 week series to re-establish your core and wake up your posterior chain. This series will encourage continued healing after birth and set up a solid foundation for getting back into your workout routine. The best part is, you’ll be with other moms who are going through the same thing as you.  Non-mobile babies are welcome to join. Cost for the series is $175, unless otherwise noted.


Baby Wearing Groups

North Dallas Wearing Mamas


Cloth Diapers and Natural Baby

Clean & Green Diaper Service Dallas' ONLY pickup and delivery diaper service!

Hip Green Baby- Online Store & Mama Owned

The Laughing Willow- Bishop Arts Dallas - Mama & Baby Boutique for all your baby needs and lots of things to pamper mama!



Earth Mama Photography- Maternity, Birth & Newborn

Fat Baby Photography- Maternity & Newborn