General Client Services


We consider your health and previous pregnancy history carefully to fully ensure the safest birth possible. We do offer VBAC births, VBA2C births after consideration of your previous history, twins and will consider breech delivery based on individual circumstances. We offer birth center births  &  homebirth. 

The birth center is located about 5 minutes from Baylor University Medical Center and is our hospital of choice for labor transports. We have an excellent working relationship with the attending physicians at BUMC when a labor or postpartum transfer of care is necessary due to a medical issue. Should you need a physician consult we work with several area physicians.

Midwifery clinic is held on Tuesday & Wednesday from 9am-4pm other times may be available by appointment only & at the midwives availability.

Prenatal Care


Comprehensive prenatal care is the cornerstone of midwifery care. Prenatal visits are generally scheduled for 1 hour to ensure that you have all of your questions answered & that we have time to discuss your health, nutrition and life happenings in order to build a solid relationship with our client families. Partners are encouraged to attend when possible and siblings are always welcome. 

We try very hard to keep the clinical feel out of our prenatal room so that you feel that pregnancy is normal, not a sickness and that we are simply having a conversation about you and your baby. 

Prenatal care is conducted on the following schedule: 

  • Care generally starts between 10-12 weeks
  • Prenatal visits are monthly until 28 weeks
  • Biweekly visits from 28 weeks until 36 weeks
  • Weekly from 36 weeks until delivery

The midwives are available 24/7-365 for emergency or labor contact. We also keep regular business hours of M-F 8am-5pm for non emergency phone calls and consults. Office hours are set by each midwife for her clients. 

Labor & delivery


You will arrive at the birth center in active labor. There will be 2 midwives assisting you in your labor.  You are welcome to use one of our two birthing suites, our deep tubs, birth chair, birth balls, yoga swing, ballet barre and have your family make themselves at home in our living room/kitchen space.

In the absence of complications you will be discharged home approximately 2-3 hours postpartum as a new family!

Doulas are encouraged and welcomed. We have several referrals for you to choose from or if you already have chosen a doula from the community, she is most welcome!

We also welcome Birth Photographers & Birth Filmmakers.

Postpartum care 


Our clients develop a strong relationship over the course of their pregnancy and we strive to continue that into the postpartum period.  We offer a Mothers Circle, a monthly meeting open to all mothers regardless of your birth location to process births, make new friends and show off those beautiful babies! 

Postpartum Care is conducted on the following schedule:

  • Telephone contact at 24 hours
  • Home postpartum visit at 2-3 days after birth (within a certain radius)
  • Office Visit at 2 weeks postpartum
  • Office Visit at 6 weeks postpartum
  • Your birth certificate is filed through the birth center and you will receive a social security card in the mail. 


Fees are discussed in person at the tour or interview so that we can make a thorough explanation of what is covered. It is our desire to work with all potential clients to make service available as we can. We do offer discounts to active duty servicemen and their families. 

Our fees are covered by insurance to some degree on an out of network basis and almost always by Medical care co-op plans like Samaritan or Medi-share. 

A large percentage of our clients are self pay and therefore we strive to make our services affordable for all families. 

Additional Services at the Birth Center


Sonograms are offered at the birth center by Moody Diagnostics on Fridays.  

Childbirth Education

                  The DBC Teaching Room has several classes to meet your schedule and                               educational needs. Each class is taught by passionate, knowledgeable "best in                      the biz" instructors!

Birthfit Dallas offers a Prenatal/Fitness education class to prepare your mind and body for birth. 

BIshop Babies offers Infant/Child CPR, a Certified Carseat Technician, Breastfeeding and Baby care classes.

The Facts of Birth  series is offered through Dallas Birth Doulas.


          In home and in office lactation consultations are provided by Jana Spillers, CLE

           Owner of Bishop Babies. For more information, click here.


Doula Services

Community Doulas are always welcome at the birth center.  A doula consultation room is available for interviews and client appointments as needed.  We offer referrals for you with BIRTH & POSTPARTUM DOULAS we have personally worked with in order to ensure the very best selection for your birth experience. 

Some of our Faves!

Dallas Birth Doulas

Great Expectation Doulas

North Dallas Doula Associates

Chiropractic Care

Mother Me Chiropractic is located at the birth center to keep you aligned and well during pregnancy.

Massage Therapy

Available daily by Body Balance Massage for Women by appointment.

Lactation Support

Available by appointment through Bishop Babies.

Prenatal & Postpartum Fitness

Classes are offered at the Birth Center on a regular basis through Birthfit Dallas

Prenatal and Postpartum fitness & recovery with Move -n- Balance