Welcome to the Dallas Birth Center

Our entry from the gated parking lot welcomes you to an urban space with natural wood, exposed brick, beautiful light and bright colors.  The entry to the birth center is located to the south of the building through the gated parking lot.  You can access both the east and west wings of the birth center, as well as the chiropractic office, the photography studio and our classroom.


Our Prenatal Room

Our prenatal room is the perfect place to relax and discuss your pregnancy.  Located on the second floor in the east wing, you will find comfy furniture, with toys for siblings and a place to connect with your midwife.


Our Family Room & Kitchen

Located between both birth suites and accessible by both the west and east wings of the birth center, the kitchen and family room are typically filled with love and anticipation. You may see family members waiting anxiously, midwives prepping meals or pregnant clients passing through for prenatal visits or a massage.  This is a common space full of light and color and ready to make you feel at home.


Birthing Suite

This birthing suite (typically referred to by us as the "Orange Room") has vibrant orange and red accents, a large queen bed, an amazing yoga swing for labor, and a sturdy and deep tub that highlights the birth space.  Just off the kitchen and family room, it is located in the Northwest wing of the birth center with easy access to the family room with space for family to wait.  Get lost in the burst of color and texture while you bring your little one into the world.


Birthing Suite

This birthing suite (typically referred to by us as the "Blue Room") has soothing, blue tones, a nice deeps tub, a queen size bed, as well as a "ballet barre" for labor use.  Light the candles and make yourself at home in here as you welcome your new baby.  It is located on the second floor of the birth center in the Northeast wing.


Massage Therapy Room

The Massage therapy room is located on the second floor off the kitchen to the back of the building.  It is used for prenatal and postpartum massage by our licensed massage therapist, ME Ramcke, LMT.


Classroom & Meeting Space

Our classroom and meeting spaces are used for a wide variety of things.  Primarily, we use it for childbirth education, prenatal fitness & postapartum recovery fitness &  for our postpartum Mom's Circle.  The space is also used for Community Meet the Doula events, gatherings, lactation support, and any other prenatal or postpartum needs.  The classroom is located on the first floor in the west wing of the Dallas Birth Center and can be accessed through the turquoise door right off the lobby.


Chiropractic Office

The Chiropractic office is home to Dr. Stephanie Berry of Mother Me Chiropractic.  She specializes in pregnancy, newborn and postpartum and is located on the first floor of the birth center right off the lobby.